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The International ARLT Foundation is a not-for-profit educational organisation and we are pleased to offer the Diploma in Social Studies through tutor assisted DISTANCE & e-LEARNING in over 20 countries so that you can participate in a formal education process regardless of your location or personal commitments.


Partial Grant Assistance for our programmes is available for citizens on low income in several countries (conditions apply). If you have any queries then do not hesitate to contact us at or by telephone (see Contact-Us page).


The duration of this exciting course (supported with audio and video lectures and textbooks) is one Academic Year and students are allocated a personal tutor to assist them throughout the course. Personal direct help is also available by phone and email from our local student counsellors in several countries.


The ARLT Foundation's innovative distance learning system is student-centered and is well known for its inspirational academic methods which is unique in its personalised distance learning approach.


ARLT distance learning system allows you to be located anywhere in the world and to join a growing network of people wishing to gain pertinent knowledge in a growing field of study for personal and professional development. The ARLT Foundation educational experience has changed the lives of people around the globe.

Entry for the Diploma in Social Studies and Counselling Skills programme is open now.

Enrolment now for the Autumn session

Please request an information pack immediately.


   -- Qualify for a Diploma in the comfort of your own home

    -- With individual tuition / No classes attended

    -- Recognised for its role in education /cultural understanding/ tolerance

    -- Tutors will assist you throughout the course

    -- Develop your writing skills

    -- Open to everyone with an interest in learning/ tolerance/ understanding

    -- Grants available for people on Welfare and pensioners


The Diploma Course in Social Studies is a study of human behaviour. It introduces the students to a fascinating range of subjects. The course aims to develop your interest and enthusiasm for the Social Sciences. You will reflect on life, behaviour and culture to enable you to make a positive difference in your personal and professional sphere. You will learn about counselling skills and develop interpersonal communication which is the core to all relationships.



Scholarship Funding


Tuition for the ARLT Foundation Diploma Course in Social Studies and Counselling Skills (outside of the EU) is €1190. However, partial scholarship funding is available to students in developing countries, up to a maximum value of €1000. Scholarships are granted on the basis of eligibility for the course, employment status, country of residence, and the demonstration of an interest in the social sciences. All applicants are required to complete a Scholarship Application Form which will include a personal statement allowing you to express why you are interested in the social sciences and why you believe you should receive funding for this course.


Due to overwhelming demand, scholarships are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow 48 hours for a reply to all email correspondence regarding scholarships, and please note that all emails will not be replied to unless written in an appropriate manner, including your full name, who you are addressing and a clear explanation of your query.


Processing of your scholarship application will take up to 1 week from the date it is submitted, when you will be emailed whether your application has been accepted, and the level of funding available. Please note that all students, regardless of scholarship funding level must pay the minimum registration fee of €189.

To receive an information pack and Scholarship Application Form please scroll to the bottom of the page (or click here), fill your contact details in the web form and a scholarship advisor will be in touch.

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"The ideas that I have acquired during the course have enriched my life more than I could have imagined. The tuition was first class and I would highly recommend it."

Ralf Schuurmann

Diploma Course in Social Science & Counselling Skills

"An Amazing Journey of Mind" Tutor Assisted Individualised Discourse

e-learning/distance learning

"New technology and globalisation are creating a growing market for employees with competence in writing. The Social Studies course will give you the writing skills you need."



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