International Foundation for the Advancement of Reflective Learning and Teaching

The ARLT Foundation is a non-profit organisation,  founded to promote reflective adult learning  programmes that encourage cultural understanding and tolerance. The ARLT foundation provides guidance and support to institutes, schools and organisations that are developing initiatives for tolerance, peace and conflict resolution.


The ARLT Foundation presents highly regarded teaching programmes through the medium of face to face lectures & tutor assisted e-learning/distance to students all over the world.  Through an innovative and progressive tuition model,  the ARLT Foundation promotes  reflective learning and teaching which encourages the development in the individual of a deep consciousness of their capacity for professional, academic and  personal growth. The ARLT Foundation’s Reflective Learning Model is designed to kindle a passion for inspirational learning and is meeting the requirements of the 21st. century learner and teacher.

We Provide:

  • Educational programmes in the social sciences, peace studies and counselling and career based options
  • Diploma and Certificate programmes in the social sciences through e-learning to students throughout the world
  • Support to organisations, communities and individuals involved in peace and tolerance initiatives


We Aim To:

  • Make available a  strong support mechanism including, tutors,  advisors and counsellors to ensure our students  can gain valuable skills that greatly enhance employability, career options and prospects
  • Promote  new and innovative  reflective educational models
  • Help people to improve interpersonal communication and problem solving skills
  • Inspire communities to continue to work and study in the area of tolerance and intercultural understanding
  • Encourage the involvement of local communities in inter-cultural education and conflict resolution
  • Improve self esteem, confidence and allow people to feel their uniqueness as well as respecting the rich diversity that exists in the world
  • Assist people to listen empathically and to communicate with authenticity in a caring world
  • Challenge prejudicial myths and perceptions
  • Disseminate information on inter-cultural dialogue to organisations and community groups
  • Introduce people into an innovative community of learning and personal development where the seeds of the joy and love of learning are sewn